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Measuring Spoon - Motta (stainless steel)

Measuring Spoon - Motta (stainless steel)

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These elegant stainless steel spoons are durable, stylish and functional.

One level spoon is equal to 7.5g so two makes a perfect serving of our coffee.

The long handle makes serving even easier.

Professional grade stainless steel
- Dishwasher safe




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      Some questions answered

      What is a serving?


      A serving represents the amount of coffee containing the specific quantity of nootropics & adaptogens detailed on each product packaging.

      Our serving size is 15g of Upraising coffee.

      This is the quantity we recommend to brew a cup of coffee of 240ml based on the standard approved brewing ratio of 1:16 (1g of coffee for 16ml of water).

      How do I brew the perfect coffee at home?


      Most of us have been making coffee forever. However, we might not all be doing it right.

      We have created these barista approved guides for you to make the ideal coffee using your favourite device.
      As a summary, you can brew Upraising mushroom coffee with the following method of your choice :

      - French Press / Cafetiere (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)

      - Moka pot / Italian coffee maker (15g of coffee / 100 ml of water)

      - Pour-over devices / Chemex / V60 (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)

      - Automatic filter coffee machine (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)

      Make sure to follow our coffee making recommendations.

      Our coffee isn't ground and roasted specifically for expresso machines. You can try it but we can't guarantee the quality of your cup!

      When and how often should I drink this coffee?


      Just drink Upraising coffee whenever you would drink your regular coffee.

      If this is your first time with our nootropic mushroom coffees, we recommend you start with one serving a day for a few days. Then you can build up to three servings a day if you like. Everyone is different and so the ideal amount is personal - just listen to your body.

      Do you offer free shipping?


      Yes, we offer free shipping to the UK for orders over £50, and for most European countries for orders over 50€.

      For Switzerland, Norway and Iceland we offer free shipping on orders over 75€.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Liz Evans
      Great little gift!

      Was a lovely addition to a pack of coffee as a present for a friend- thanks so much x


      Just a spoon but perfect size and looks chic.