1-minute Coldbrew with your French Press

1-minute Coldbrew with your French Press

Coldbrew is ideal for those summer days and is probably the easiest coffee to prepare.

You might have tried iced coffee already, but it's important to understand it's very different than a cold brewed coffee. 

An iced coffee is made using a regular coffee maker using hot water (espresso, pour-over...), and is then mixed with ice cubes.


"There's no better way to start a hot summer day than with a coldbrew coffee ready straightaway from the fridge"

The coldbrew on the other hand is a coffee that is brewed with cold water using immersion methods such as the French Press. While it requires many hours of brew time, cold brewing preparation is very easy.


Coldbrew with French-press Pros & cons

Such simple preparation
No need of any extra device
Ready to drink the next morning
Can be stored for 3-5 days
Ideal for hot days


Need to prepare your coffee the day before
Long brew time (12h)
A bit more acidic (this could be a "pro" for many)


Make a batch of cold brew with your 800ml French Press

Step 1/4

Add 45 grams of ground coffee (3 servings) to the French Press


Step 2/4

Pour 720 ml of cold water into the French Press.

The coffee won't mix properly with cold water, so make sure to stir the ground coffee until it has mixed well into the water.

Step 3/4

Cover the French Press with the lid and lower the filter untill it reaches the top of the coffee. Put it in the fridge and let it brew in the fridge for 12h.

Step 4/4

After the 12-hour brew, remove the lid and stir the coffee. Wait 5 minutes, plunge the filter until the bottom and serve it. If you prefer, you can transfer it to a carafe or a vacuum flask and store it for upto 5 days in the fridge.

Enjoy you coldbrew coffee

More infos

Accordy to many expert, the coffee to water ration should be much lower for coldbrews, as low as 1:6 (60% less water than our standard ratio!). This means some experts might recommend to only use 270ml of water for the same quantity of ground coffee.

Even though it might be a better recipe, we have tested it with the 1:16 ratio with Upraising coffee and it definitely tastes great. Feel free to play around and add more or less water depending on your taste.

Recommend quantities

brewing ratio : 1:16 

Quantity Coffee Water

3 mugs

45 g

(3 servings)

800 ml

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