Mushroom Packs

Get more for less with our functional packs.
Organic Mushrooms

For each functional mushroom pack, we have selected and combined the most efficacious functional mushrooms and ingredients to support you.

Mushroom Packs


What are adaptogens, nootropics and functional mushrooms?


Nootropics are supplements which can improve cognitive functions in healthy people. So this means they can support such things as memory, creativity, focus or mood - anything that's brain related.

Adaptogens on the other hand are plant extracts which support your body in adapting to and dealing with the stresses and strains of daily life. They can support both mental and physical responses to stress and help relax mind and body. They can also help to relieve fatigue and boost your immune system.

Some mushrooms can be considered as adaptogens while others are nootropics and some are both. Given their benefits they are often referred to in their own category as functional mushrooms.

You can read about the individual mushrooms we use as well as all our other nootropics and adaptogens in our Benefits section.

How to choose between Mushroom Powders & Coffees?

If you love coffee, we definitelly recommend you try our ground coffees. They are made with organic Colombian Arabica coffee, with a medium roast and our community love it.

If you don't drink coffee, or want to drink you own blend, choosing our enhanced mushroom powders is the way to go. You can mix it with any drink, smoothie or shake or even bake with them.

Can you tell me more about the mushrooms and other extracts you use?


We use very specific mushrooms and plants extracts, recognised for their beneficial properties for physcial and mental health, and approved for use by the European food & health authorities.

Mushrooms we use :

- Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Maitake
- All sourced from Finland ensuring transparency from spore to shipment
- 100% organic
- 100% fruiting body
- Extracted using groundbreaking ultrasonic extraction

Plant extracts we use :

- Bacopa Monnieri
- L-Theanine
- Schisandra Chinensis
- 5HTP

To find out more, read about all the Benefits.

Can I mix and match different Upraising products?


You totally can. It's actually recommended so as to get the full variety of benefits offered by our different functional products.

You can drink different coffees during the day, or if you're brewing a large french press or making a smoothie for example, feel free to include servings from different products in the same pot. Make sure to always follow our recommended serving size and recommended brewing ratio for the perfect coffee.