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Great little gift!

Was a lovely addition to a pack of coffee as a present for a friend- thanks so much x


Top quality french press thank you!

Love them!!

Everyone I mention Upraising to loves them all too!! I started with Live Well as I had been under the weather and who knows if it was down to the coffee but I soon felt great! My favourite as a photographer though has to be Bright Mood. Thanks so much guys for creating gorgeous coffee with so many added benefits!!

Flow State
alessandro franzò
Great coffee and no crash

The coffee tastes great, and the concentration it gives lasts hours! Most of all, I appreciated the fact that the sleep is perfect even though you drank a coffee late!

Great to hear!!

Bright Mood
Really good

Really good. You can feel that it does not give you jitters like with other cafes. It works well with french press.

Great to hear, Miguel!

Live Well
Maria Luisa Lopez Huelin
Delicioso además de sus beneficios

Me ha encantado el sabor además de los beneficios de los componentes de este café.

¡Qué bien escuchar esto! Gracias por compartir.

Flow State
Jose Adan
Delicious Coffee

Tasteful coffee to have a productive day. My wife liked so much as well so now I need to buy more.

That's great to hear! So glad you both like it so much!

A great coffee with real benefits, and a strong commitment to the community.

We had a little trouble with the carrier who lost the first shipping, which the customer service solved promptly, professionally, and in a very fair and friendly manner. I finally got to try the three coffees and have only amazing things to say, they taste amazing, are easy to make, and I feel it affects my mood in an incredibly positive way. Each one of them actually causes me to feel exactly how they are intended (creative, focused, and balanced). Thank you so much for giving this to the world, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take Upraising from my routine.

So great to hear this, Cintia! Thank you for your kind words!

Awesome coffee

The taste of the coffee with a plus for the health: best combo! Huge fan

Bright Mood
Pierre White

Recently received my order and in all honesty the coffee tastes great , smooth and light (I use a French press ) and definitely notice a change in my daily mood (more relaxed ) but what I wasn't expecting was that my sleep has hughly improved I'm averaging 4to 4 and half hours of deep sleep nightly which never happens , I will be placing another order in the coming days as I don't want to run out and it takes a week r two for the order to arrive to Ireland 👍

This is truly great to hear, Pierre! Thank you very much for letting us know how much it has improved your sleep - we love hearing about feedback like this! Also we are currently making some changes to our shipping so the delivery should be back to a few days next month! Carry on sleeping well!

Bright Mood
Great taste, great feeling

Loving the taste of this coffee! I am fairly new to drinking coffee and this one tastes super good and makes me feel clear and bright, without feeling nervous. I am making it in an espresso maker and it comes out really good.

Thanks, Moritz. Great to hear! We would actually recommend trying it in a french press, moka, chemex, or other filter device for an even better experience!

Bright Mood
The coffee is not good for espresso machine

The coffee is not good for espresso machine, it comes super watery.. been drinking it for a month almost and don’t notice anything

Hi Natalia

Thanks for leaving your review.

Our coffees are not made for espresso machines and both the website and the packaging indicate the best methods for brewing them. The grind is for all types of filter coffee (french press, moka, chemex/pour over, filter machine) and it is not ideal for an espresso machine. These recommended devices also allow for the active ingredients to dissolve properly so that the benefits become available. Hopefully, you will give the coffees another try with one of the indicated methods and have a better experience!

Thanks again!

The perfect starter pack and way to start your day

After trying the whole pack of 3 coffees I must say that I'm impressed with the results and the taste. In the beginning, I wasn't sure that keeping the bags of grounded coffee for a period of time, wouldn't affect the taste or would it help to lose the qualities. I loved their rounded flavour and balanced body.

There will always be a bag of Upraising in my coffee cabinet :)

Live Well
Jack P.
Maybe my favourite!

This one never fails to boost my energy and lift my spirits. My go to one out of the three now!

Live Well
Tasty AND immune to the common cold!

Imagine, the entire christmas holiday season, traveling on multiple trains and staying in a house where everyone was down with something. 10 days surrounded by coughing, sniffing and sneezing sick people and didn't catch a thing! The only explanation, the Live Well coffee I drink every day - I can't recommend this stuff enough!

Way better than expected!

I am a coffee head and I'm very specific about the flavors I want in my daily cup. Surprisingly, these are great tasting and after a few weeks of drinking them I am becoming a fan! The effects can be felt almos immediately. I enjoy the ritual of grinding coffee, and even though these come ground already, the grind size works well with my french press, V60, and Orea V3. Also, I'm a huge fan of the design and overall aesthetics of the project. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for your words Roberto! We are so happy you loved the whole Upraising experience :)

Tasty coffee

My first impression is that the coffee tastes actually very good. I purchases the pack with the french press and it came out perfect from the get go. It’s too early to see the practical effects but I’ve been feeling good and productive both days so far.

Live Well
Andrew S.

I recently learnt that chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, so after trying the other Upraising two flavours for mood and focus enhancement, I bought a pack of Live Well. It tastes as great as the other flavours, and so far so good – no hint of winter afflictions even after 2 weeks in freezing cold northern European capitals!

Bright Mood
Andrew S.

As a coffee obsessive but a nootropic noob I had no idea what to expect from this ground coffee with stuff added, but it actually tastes fantastic – really nice rounded smooth taste, very well roasted. I've been making V60s with it at home and I have to say, I've been feeling really good after!

Flow State
Andrew S.

I'm new to the world of adaptogens and I was kind of amazed to find myself feeling noticeably more lucid and eloquent in meetings after drinking Flow State. Tastes great too. Highly recommended!

Flow State
Lidia Ursu
Great coffee

I just love it. Every morning I do my mokapot coffee with this one and it tastes good and helps me have a great start of the day.

Loved this

Not too big and not too small. Loved the robust style

High quality

Has that quality feel and the perfect size for a single cup

Great !

I wanted to wait before posting a review to give myself time to use the coffee several times and see the effects. I really feel like a plus day after day since I use it!

Great for travel 🌎

I took this small French press during my vacations and used it to make coffee almost everyday. I think it’s a really good quality French press compare to many other plastic ones I’ve seen.