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Flow State

At the begginning didn't trusted, but quickly i noticed how it really helps me to stay focus, even at the gym 😊. Thank you, great product, 100% recommended.

Calm but focused

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but i wanted to try it because i am a fan of Reishi and coffee can sometimes make me feel agitated. First of all, the taste is very delicious!! I even use less milk in my coffee now and prefer the taste of the coffee more with a little bit of sugar. It’s really good :). But what blew me away was that what i had hoped for, was true. So far with every cup (i limit to one cup a day in the morning), i feel calm, present and my mood is brighter. Now every morning i look forward to a cup to start of the day right :). I really have nothing negative to say! Maybe the price? But, i do think it’s worth it and will repurchase the Bright Mood for sure ✨

Flow State
Laura Martins
Love it!

I'm taking Flow state and I immediately noticed improvements in my concentration at work, I have much more desire to finish projects and be productive first thing in the morning

Flow State
Nico Andonakis
Perfect coffee

Love the cognitive feeling this coffee gives you

Flow State
Un bon boost pour la journée !

Bel expérience que ce café Flow State! Un très bon café doublé d’un petit plus non négligeable qui a fait son effet chez moi. Top!

Muy buen sabor

Cafés deliciosos y beneficiosos. Estaba iniciándome en el mundo de los adaptógenos cuando descubrí esta marca y ya es el tercer pedido que hago. Todos están deliciosos, los preparo en cafetera italiana, y, según el momento del día tomo: por la mañana Bright Mood y por la tarde para estudiar Flow State; ambos los combino con Live Well para dar un empujón.
Todo un descubrimiento. Muy recomendable.

Flow State
Really good!

I have been enjoying Upraising Flow State coffee for about 3 months now. I mix it with my usual coffee in the mornings and usually take a cup on its own in the French press in the afternoon. I love the flavour- it's almost chocolatey and I definitely feel more focused rather than wired as I do with normal coffee.

Had a delivery issue with my last order and Upraising were super responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!


Sabor bastante agradável. Não tem o efeito estimulante que um café simples teria, o que é óptimo para quem tem tendência para grandes oscilações a nível do sistema nervoso.

Flow State

I love this product! Really recommend it! Keep up the good work!

Flow State
Serenity on The Lake

Serenity in an orange coffee bag. What a great way to start the day

It works and it is good

I have been drinking upraising coffee on a day to day basis. I drink Flow state and Bright Mood and I really prefer this coffees over any other.

I used to have secondary effects with other coffees like anxiety, fast heatbeat and sweats (this with just one coffee), not no mention I used to feel more tired a short time after drinking coffee. Now I don't feel that and I feel concentrated while working, with no excessive fatigue. Thank you!

Buen sabor!

De momento muy buen sabor los 3, no sé si me hace efecto o no pero el que noto que me "calma" más es el de FLOW

Flow State
Robert Bellsolà
Excelente producto

Cumple perfectamente con las expectativas aparte de ser realmente un café de calidad. En concreto, y por prescripción médica, lo toma mi mujer tras un derrame cerebral con afectación cognitiva junto apatía y FPS (Fatigue Post Stroke). Y le está ayudando en aspectos de concentración y suavizar notablemente la FPS.

Qué bueno escuchar, Robert! Nuestros mejores deseos a ti y tu esposa.

Soo good!

Best coffe ever!
Thank you! :)

Really good coffee. Don’t feel crashes in the afternoon as much as I used to

Live Well
Rodrigo Valença

Tasted all three, and must say all three are equally good. Flow does give a more sharp feeling and bright mood does make your day slightly brighter, while Live Well doesn’t have a “touchable” effect but it certainly make you stronger.

Delicious coffee

I’m so impressed by these mushroom coffee blends. The quality of the coffee is excellent and it makes me feel good without having the jitters of regular espresso. Highly recommend!

Hemos terminado los 3

Nos han encantado los 3, muy buen sabor todos y huelen genial.

Bright Mood
Emma Stoks
Tastes like caramel and makes me happy!

We love this coffee so much! It's like drinking normal coffee, but with a little extra magic that lifts and stabilizes your mood. The taste is smooth and the coffee goes well with (oat) milk - definitely my favorite!

Will never go back to "regular" coffee (aka coffee w/o mushrooms)

Upraising coffee is amazing and a total game-changer for my productivity and mood throughout the day. I never crash, or get anxiety - simply a smooth and easy transition to continue my day.

Live Well
Mon café préféré 🤩

Vraiment délicieux, belle mousse, tant avec la presse à piston qu’avec la cafetière italienne.

Supers cafés avec adaptogènes 🍄

J’ai découvert récemment cette marque de café avec des adaptogènes et j’adore leur goût !
Avec le trio, on peut en plus adapter sa consommation en fonction de ses besoins, c’est top 😊

Merci Aurélie pour ce feedback ;-)

Bright Mood
Ana Moreno
Great Coffee 🌼

I have tried both Flow State and Bright Mood so far :)

They're are both super good, amazing taste, although I personally prefer the Flow State a bit better!

Coffe with mushrooms tripple

This is very good . 5 stars sincerly Johan Andao

Flow State
Simon Schönberner
Great Coffee!!

Tried the blue one as well and must say both are great. First I was sceptical about the adverted benefits but just after my first serve I could actually already notice a difference in my physical and mentally wellbeing.
Will stay a customer for sure.