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    Bacopa Monnieri

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Learn about Bacopa Monnieri

A plant that thrives in tropical wetlands, Bacopa has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for its powerful cognitive benefits. 


“Known for improving both short and long term memory”

It increases signalling between different parts of the brain and so is believed to support learning and the ability to process information as well as creativity. It is also an adaptogen and can relieve stress and anxiety. 

Be aware that it can take several weeks for the benefits of Bacopa to accumulate and become evident, but it is an essential ingredient for cognition and so we use it in our Flow State coffee.

The compounds responsible for these benefits are Bacosides. We use Bacopa extract with 50% Bacosides - the maximum available.


Improved memory recall


Faster processing


Increased creativity


Reduced stress and anxiety


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