Functional Mushrooms

  • Scientific name

    Ganoderma Lucidum

  • Nickname

    Spirit mushroom

Learn about Reishi

Reishi has a huge range of reported health benefits and for thousands of years it has been used as an aid in many different areas. Let’s start with its adaptogenic properties -  it is known as the Spirit mushroom and not without reason. It is a powerful adaptogen that reduces and protects against stress and anxiety and aids a balanced emotional response.



“The all-in-one mushroom for reducing anxiety and protecting your mind and body against stress”


However, this is not all it does - it works in the background to provide powerful support for the immune system. Studies show that Reishi, amongst other things, may boost white blood cells, protect the heart from disease and reduce the inflammation caused by allergic reactions. In other words, it helps to regulate the immune system - boosting a weaker immune system (fighting an illness) and calming an overactive one (reducing allergic responses). These benefits may take time to accumulate though so have patience. 

We use Reishi in our Bright mood coffee for its calming effects. 




More balance and relaxation


Less anxiety and fatigue


Getting ill less often


Reduced hayfever and other allergy symptoms


Crash-free coffee


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