French press : an elegant and convenient device to brew coffee

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French Press - Aerolatte (350ml)

French Press - Aerolatte (350ml)

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Our recommended brewing method

The french press - or cafetière - is a very simple and effective device that directly immerse the ground coffee into the water and filters out the brewed coffee with a piston filter.

This method usually provides a light and well-balanced coffee - ideal for a morning cup of black coffee.

Upraising tested many different manufacturers and selected this device form Aerolatte featuring an elegant style and great quality.

Capacity of 350ml

  • Ideal for 1 servings (15g) + 240ml of hot water 

Technical specs


- Borosilicate glass beaker/carafe with measuring gauge for adding the correct quantity of coffee and water every time

- Twin filter plates with perfectly positioned flavour release holes to enable smooth and easy plunging without grinds entering your drink

- Robust 18/10 stainless steel filter is designed to tolerate daily usage

- Primary and plunger handles are made from heat-resistant ABS plastic

- Microfilter within the lid captures excess grounds as coffee is poured



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      French press : our 5-step tutorial

      While the French Press is probably the easiest coffee making device, it is important to follow a few good practices.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Liz Evans

      Top quality french press thank you!

      Jack P.
      Loved this

      Not too big and not too small. Loved the robust style

      Jack P.
      High quality

      Has that quality feel and the perfect size for a single cup

      Great for travel 🌎

      I took this small French press during my vacations and used it to make coffee almost everyday. I think it’s a really good quality French press compare to many other plastic ones I’ve seen.

      KEMENY Mikael
      Good way to prepare it

      So simple and fast way to prepare my morning cofee !
      Easy to dose for different cups