Let us tell you more about our mushrooms!

Let us tell you more about our mushrooms!

When using these types of mushrooms for their specific funcitons, it is really important to use the best and most potent available. It can be quite complicated to understand the world of functional mushrooms extracts, which unfortuantely means that many products get away with using ingredients that are poor quality and inneffective. You can read in detail about our mushrooms here LINK.

In short, we source all our mushrooms here in Europe, Finland to be more precise and we deal direct with the producer. No middle men, distributors or complex supply chains. This is important for two reasons. Many mushroom products source their mushrooms from China which, while traditionally is home to many types of mushrooms, does have many issues these days. It can be hard to verify the quality of the products from China and the working practices of the producers there. We have made sure our coffee is sustainably and responsibly sourced and we wanted to our mushrooms were too. China also unfortunaley suffers from heavy pollution which often results in heavy metals and other contaminants in the mushrooms. On the other hand, everyone knows about the Scandinavian fresh air and focus on quality.


100% fruiting body Mushrooms

We only source mushrooms that are 100% fruiting body - this is where all the good stuff is. Look out for products that mix in mycelium (the stalks) as these are often inferior and can even be made up largely of the grain they are grown on.

As regards the acutal extraction process itself, our producer uses a groundbreaking technique of ultrasonic assisted extraction. Extraction is necesary as the cells in mushrooms are surrounded by a chitin wall which the human digestive system cannot break down. The good stuff is behind that wall and extraction breaks it down so that the benefical compounds are bioavailable. Ultrasonic assisted extraction does this effectively and without the need for harsh solvents so the mushroom extracts we use are some of the most efficacious and high quality on the market.

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