Unlocking the Power of Functional Mushrooms: Powders vs. Coffee

Unlocking the Power of Functional Mushrooms: Powders vs. Coffee

 Kicking off your journey with functional mushrooms can be an absolute delight, and mushroom coffee offers a fantastic starting point. It combines the remarkable benefits of coffee with the synergistic power of functional mushrooms like reishi, lion's mane, and chaga, creating a unique and enjoyable experience. But there's more to the story than just coffee and mushrooms. Another option worth considering is mushroom powders

Powdered mushrooms have gained popularity as a more commonly embraced form of consumption, and for good reason. This choice doesn't just provide unmatched convenience, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness; it also unlocks fresh avenues for seamlessly integrating the exceptional properties of these fungi into your daily routine.

So what are the advantages of mushroom powders versus mushroom coffees? 


1. Convenience

The first and most apparent advantage of mushroom powders is their unmatched convenience. Unlike ground coffee, which is confined to your morning cup, mushroom powders can be added to practically anything.

Powders are versatile, seamlessly blending into a variety of beverages and recipes. Whether you're sipping a coffee from another brand, enjoying a rejuvenating smoothie, drinking your workout protein shake, or winding down with a cup of herbal tea, mushroom powders can be effortlessly incorporated.

Their compact and convenient nature ensures that you have your daily dose of mushroom goodness wherever you go.


2. Adaptability and Potency

Mushroom powders offer a level of adaptability that mushroom coffees simply cannot match. With powders, you have the flexibility to easily adjust the quantity you want to take. Whether you prefer a small, subtle dose or a more robust, concentrated experience, you're in control.

This adaptability also translates to potency. Since the serving size of mushroom powders is typically larger than that of mushroom coffees (1000mg vs. 600mg for Upraising products), you're likely to get a more robust dose of beneficial mushroom compounds.

Furthermore, with powders, there is absolutely no possible doubt that you're absorbing 100% of the mushroom's beneficial compounds, as there are no additional ingredients to dilute their effectiveness.


3. Cost Benefits

Another great reason to choose mushroom powders is the significant cost benefits they offer, even with similar quality extracts. Mushroom powders are generally more cost-effective, both per serving and per serving gram, when compared to mushroom coffees.

In our case, the obvious reason behind this cost advantage is the absence of organic specialty coffee, which can constitute up to 96% of the total weight in mushroom coffees. Specialty coffee is not only premium but also costly on its own. By opting for standalone mushroom powders, you enjoy all the mushroom benefits without the additional expense of specialty coffee.

Beware of the cheap products though that don't use 100% fruiting body mushroom extracts, are not labeled as organic. More on this on our blog article about the importance of Fruiting Body extracts.



In the choice between mushroom powders and mushroom coffees, the decision ultimately hinges on your personal preferences and lifestyle. If you relish the process of brewing coffee and appreciate its smooth transition into your daily routine, mushroom coffee may be your go-to option. It provides a coffee-centric way to embark on your functional mushroom journey.

On the other hand, if you value adaptability, convenience, and cost savings, mushroom powders emerge as the ideal choice. They offer a more potent and flexible mushroom experience while being versatile enough to fit into a range of beverages and recipes. Whether you're an experienced mushroom enthusiast or just beginning your journey, mushroom powders offer a compelling option to make mushrooms an integral part of your daily life. So, if you enjoy other drinks, smoothies, or simply value your time, mushroom powders are the way to go.

The choice is yours, and both options have their unique appeal.

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