Chemex: a stylish yet simple pour-over method

Chemex: a stylish yet simple pour-over method

Even though the Chemex looks like an hourglass, it won't help you measure the passage of time, but it will allow you to brew great coffee. This stylish device consists of a glass flask with a conical funnel-like neck and specific paper filters. Thicker than with many other devices, the filter removes most of the coffee oils and consistently makes a very clean coffee.

A device of choice for slow coffee addicts

Brewing a great coffee with Chemex isn't hard when following the right steps and the right coffee to water ratio. Bigger than devices such as the French Press or the Moka pot, this method requires single-use paper filters (cloth or metal filters can also be used), and ideally a goose neck pouring kettle to pour the water slowly and at a constant flow. 

"This is one of my favourite methods. I love the ritual itself and it brews the purest coffee"

The original Chemex device was invented in 1941 and is available in many sizes. It is manufactured by Chemex corporation in the United States. Unlike French presses or Moka pots, there are almost no alternative brands or designs.


Chemex Pros & cons

Brews a super clean coffee
Good for larger quantities
Beautiful and stylish coffee maker
Easy to clean with water

 Large device
Can be expensive
Paper filters create waste


5 simples steps for 2 coffee mugs using a 6 cup classic Chemex


→ Step 1/5

While the water is boiling, fold the Chemex filter as a funnel, and place it on the top portion of the flask with the 3 paper layers on the side of the pouring spout.


→ Step 2/5

Run hot water through the paper filter. This helps reduce any taste the paper may impart to the coffee. Throw the water out of the flask.

→ Step 3/5

Add 30 grams (2 servings) of ground coffee to the filter.

→ Step 4/5

Slowly and continuously pour 480ml of hot water (90-94°c) onto the coffee, making concentric circles from the center to the sides (without pouring onto the paper). Alternatively, you can first pour 50ml of water and then wait about 30 secs to continue with the rest. This is called the blooming phase.

→ Step 5/5

The coffee starts going down through the filter after a few seconds. Wait until the coffee grounds looks almost dry, discard the filter, and swirl the flask gently. 


Your coffee is ready to enjoy!


Recommend quantities

brewing ratio : 1:16 

Quantity Coffee Water

2 mug

30 g

(2 serving / 6 teaspoons)

480 ml

3 mugs

45 g

(3 servings)

 720 ml

1 litre of coffee

62.5 g

(4.2 servings)

1 litre


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