French press: the easiest method for the perfect coffee

French press: the easiest method for the perfect coffee

The french press - or cafetière - is a very simple, effective and good value device that uses direct immersion of the ground coffee into the water and then filters out the brewed coffee with a piston filter. The french press usually provides a light and well-balanced coffee, ideal for large cups of black coffee to accompany you through your mornings.

The easiest way to brew your coffee

While this method is very easy to use, it is important to follow some good practices regarding the correct coffee to water ratio, the grind size and the brew time. Our tutorial ensure you make a good, consistent cup of coffee. 

"The french press is such a convenient device to brew coffee"

Many brands offer french presses coffee in various sizes from the individual 350ml that will allow you to brew a large mug or 2-3 cups to the bigger 1-litre version.


French-press Pros & cons

Good for small or large brews
Simple to use
Good value device
Generates no waste
Very compact, great for travel


Not easy to clean perfectly
Different sizes are needed
Leave small coffee particles in the cup


5 simple steps for 2 coffee Mugs using a 0,800 L cafetière


→ Step 1/5

Add 30 grams of ground coffee, or about 6 heaped teaspoons, to the bottom of your coffee maker.


→ Step 2/5

Slowly pour in 480ml of hot water (90-94°c) and gently stir the coffee with a spoon.

→ Step 3/5

Cover with the lid without lowering the filter and let stand for 4 minutes. Take the opportunity to tidy up the kitchen or prepare your breakfast!

→ Step 4/5

Push the press gently all the way to the bottom. Make a small movement up and down if you encounter resistance.

→ Step 5/5

Serve your coffee immediately or transfer it to a carafe or a vacuum flask. 


 Recommend quantities

brewing ratio : 1:16 

Quantity Coffee Water

1 mug

15 g

(1 serving / 3 teaspoons)

240 ml

2 mugs

30 g

(2 servings / 6 teaspoons)

480 ml

3 mugs

45 g

(3 servings)

 720 ml

1 litre of coffee

62.5 g

(4.2 servings)

1 litre


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