How do I brew the perfect coffee at home?

Most of us have been making coffee forever. However, we might not all be doing it right.

We have created these barista approved guides for you to make the ideal coffee using your favourite device.

As a summary, you can brew Upraising mushroom coffee with the following method of your choice :

- French Press / Cafetiere (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)
- Moka pot / Italian coffee maker (15g of coffee / 100 ml of water)
- Pour-over devices / Chemex / V60 (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)
- Automatic filter coffee machine (15g of coffee per 240 ml of water)

Make sure to follow our coffee making recommendations.

Our coffee isn't ground and roasted specifically for espresso machines. You can try it but we can't guarantee the quality of your cup!