What we do for our Planet

What we do for our Planet

We take our commitment to the world we live in seriously and it affects everything we do. 


Did you know that the vast majority of coffee bags are not recyclable? Have a look at your regular one and see. Our bags are 100% recyclable and, not only that, they are certified carbon neutral. 

We also put 300g of our coffee into regular 250g bags to make them go further and ultimately use 20% less bags. 



Our coffee and mushrooms are all organic to avoid any nasty pesticides and chemicals both for you and for the farmers and land.  Amazingly, only around 3% of coffee in the world is organic. Non-organic coffee is unfortunately one of the world’s most treated crops so it's definitely best to buy organic if you can.

Our coffee is also fair trade so we can be sure everyone involved in getting that great taste is treated fairly. Less than 2% of coffee in the world is fair trade.  

Treating people properly is one of the reasons we source our mushrooms in Europe rather than countries with labour practices that don't align with our values. It also saves on air miles.

We aren't stopping here and are constantly looking for ways to contribute more to our planet. In particular, we are looking for causes to support within our community focussed on raising up our fellow humans. 

Drop us a line if you have any suggestions: hello@upraising.co

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