Most of us have been making coffee forever, but are we all doing it right? Have a look at our barista approved guides and make sure to brew the best coffee at home.

  • Use high quality arabica ground coffee

    Even the best baristas won’t be able to brew a great cup with low quality or overly roasted coffee beans.

    Upraising’s arabica coffee beans are 100% organic, sourced from a fair trade cooperative in Colombia, and the medium roast applied ensures more delicate flavours and a smooth and well-balanced taste. 

  • Choose the right coffeemaker to brew your coffee

    Brewing your coffee is a process that you should love. Choosing the right method will help you both drink great coffee and enjoy this daily routine. Upraising's ground coffee is perfect to be brewed using your favourite slow coffee device: French press, pour-over devices (Chemex,  V60), filter coffee machine, or moka pot.

  • Improve your brewing technique using the right parameters

    Slow coffee making isn’t very complicated, but it’s essential that you know some basics such as the coffee to water ratio, brew time, or the water temperature. To help you prepare the best coffee over time, we created barista approved guides explaining all step of the coffee making process.

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